Reasons to feel secure
PCI Screening is fully registered and accredited to carry out the background checks for compliance with PCIDSS. Listed below, are just some of the bodies we are registered with.

ISO 9000 & 27000
Our ISO registration for both customer service and security enables PCI Screening to maintain a high level of service and peace of mind for our clients and their staff. By employing strict procedures and policies on data handling and storage, we can always guarantee the highest levels of security.

Disclosure and Barring Service
As a registered Umbrella Body, we are licensed by the DBS to carry out Standard and Enhanced disclosures. These are reserved for positions whereby people have duties which bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Disclosure Scotland
As a registered umbrella body licensed by the Scottish Government, we are able to provide all three levels of disclosure; Basic, Standard and Enhanced. Typically for PCI compliance, the screening process will include a basic level disclosure.

Access Northern Ireland is the Criminal Records Office established in 2008. As a registered body we are licensed to carry out all levels of disclosure at Basic, Standard and Enhanced levels.

The Office for Criminal Justice Reform license and accredit us with compliance to the high level of security required to use their secure facilities.

Chamber of Commerce
Licensed by our local division, the Chamber of Commerce allows us to boast a secure and forward thinking business. The strict criteria for registration means that PCI Screening is a strong and secure service, providing a top notch facility for screening your staff.